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IT Band Knee Pain In Runners

A common knee pain in runners occurs on the outside of the knee. This is probably IT Band Syndrome.The IT Band (or Iliotibial Band) is tissue that runs along the outside of the leg to just below the knee joint. The IT band helps to stabilize the knee. This can become irritated basically from overuse.The overuses that can cause IT Band pain can be from several factors:1. Overtraining. Some runners when they are training for a specific race, may increase their training (mileage or intensity) without allowing for enough rest in between hard work-outs.2. Increasing mileage too quickly. This is usually seen in beginning runners. The rule of thumb is to not increase your weekly mileage by more than 10%. More than that can cause injury.3. Increasing mileage too much, too soon after a layoff. Go back into your training gradually.But, like Runner's Knee, this can be treated if caught early. First of all, cut down on your mileage. You also may want to avoid major hills, as this will aggravate it.When you are finished w...


Toning Your Muscles Electrically

In a world where we know body image is less about other people's perception and more about your perception, electronic muscle stimulators can have a positive effect to supplement a good diet and regular physical activity. Using tiny electric pulses, an electronic muscle stimulator (EMS) tones and firms your muscles giving them that sculpted look you desire. Electronic muscle stimulators are not a new technology. Professional athletes looking for a competitive edge and body builders looking for that extra sharpness to their physique have been using them for years. However, an EMS device can be of practical use to everyday people who want to keep up a fit form simply from the comfort of their living room or home gym. In particular, people who are physically disabled, in physiotherapy or who just need results to appear quickly can benefit greatly from what an EMS has to offer. Electronic muscle stimulators do just what their name suggests: they use electrical pulses to stimulate muscles into flexing many times i...


Massage Therapy Training - What Does it Take?

Massage therapy is growing in popularity because of the many health benefits that it contains. However, we the realization of the benefits is not something that is recent. As a matter of fact, massage therapy has been used for approximately 2,400 years. It was actually Hippocrates who noted that friction has certain health benefits. In modern times, massage therapy is being used for treating tired muscles, reducing stress, taking care of painful ailments, and even in physical therapy as a tool to rehabilitate after an injury. The massage therapist massages the soft tissues of the body in order to improve circulation. This improvement in circulation removes waste from the muscles. Anytime there is any sort of waste product in the muscle, the muscle doesn't work properly. Administering massage therapy does take a special type of training, which is not hard to acquire. The training There are almost 2,000 massage therapy programs within the United States today. They exist within post secondary schools and in c...


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